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Here at Rampart, safety is one of our biggest priorities.
We have two major focuses: newer equipment and efficient compliance.

Newer Equipment:
Being an asset-based company, one of the areas we focus on is utilizing newer equipment in our fleet. First and foremost, having newer equipment allows us to minimize down time. Truck break downs eat up time and money, both for Rampart and the customer. Having newer trucks allows us keep that to a minimum. Second, newer rigs keep our drivers comfortable and on time in their day to day needs, i.e. mattress, inverters, refrigerators, etc
. Third, and often most important, is the fuel efficiency. Newer engines consume less fuel, and burn the diesel more efficiently, allowing us to increase our distance covered, and decrease the amount of fuel ups - to ensure on time delivery for our customers.


Efficient Compliance:
Partnering with newer equipment, the second area we focus on is being efficient in our compliance. That means utilizing vendors, technology, and software that allows us to stay on top of daily operations. Such as tracking maintenance, ensuring our driver records are recorded accurately, tracking our loads in live time, and most importantly helping our drivers be ELD compliant out on the road. We take their time into consideration and offer user-friendly programs for them to take advantage of. On the administrative side of our business, we aim to partner with technologies and systems that give us the edge in this industry so we can continue providing Excellence in Motion!


Hear from our Safety Manager below!

"At Rampart Transportation, safety is a core value and we pride ourselves in building a safety first mindset for all members of the Rampart Transportation family. Maintaining and consistently improving our high level of standards, we not only protect our company but equally all our business partners in the logistics industry.

We believe safety is the responsibility of every employee at Rampart, beginning with the Chief Executive Officer, to our Safety, Accounting, and Dispatch departments, all the way to our drivers. We understand our drivers are at the very core to the success of our company. Our drivers put the "Transportation" in Rampart Transportation, both literally and figuratively. As a team, we put forth every effort to ensure the drivers and their equipment are operating to their fullest potential, all while being fully compliant with local and federal regulations.

To do this, we use the latest technology to track, maintain, and most importantly ensure the health and well being of our drivers and equipment. Through the use of programs like Samsara, Foley Services, and Safety as a Service we can effectively protect our drivers from the rigors of FMCSA and DOT compliance to make sure they are focused on what is most important, the safe transportation of goods and resources throughout the United States.

Each department has been trained to understand how their roles play an integral part in the safety of our company. By doing so, we can ensure the long term success of our safety first culture.”


Yours truly,
Zac Hembree 

Safety Manager

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